Tight and Hard Butt Workout

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17 comments to Tight and Hard Butt Workout

  • Jkelquedi  says:

    I have little to no butt, but maybe? I can do these and that will change.

  • ladysaff  says:

    why dont you have yourself on the pics instead of the? women….your alot better looking than them!!!!

  • billysue2  says:

    these exercises are for glute medius which is a relatiely small musclle which wont shape the? butt significantly and if it did it wouldnt work without far heavier loading than shown here.

  • jimmysmithtraining  says:

    8/10/09 Workout-Back
    Bent over? supine bb rows-3 sets of 12/12/8, Pull-ups-4 sets of 12/10/8/8,
    Incline db rows-3 x12,
    Facing away pulldown-4×12,
    Machine row-3×15,
    Shrugs-3sets of 25,
    Cardio-40 minutes moderate intensity


  • erikk123  says:

    you can’t? choose were to burn fat mate, any exercise burn fat allover the body

  • chelseacfc100  says:

    do cardio- that? will give you a sixpack if you do your crunches

  • EdxWinry999  says:

    What if you? want a really big butt ?

  • rane6  says:

    thats my dad.
    whats up dad?

  • BWPlaxer  says:

    Do these excersises get rid of fat in the? area???

  • nvmee8  says:

    hey are squats good for your butt too ??? i was thinking about putting? that in and mixing it with this workout…what do you think??

  • Sikdawg3  says:

    i just? run backwards

  • meglizhart  says:

    Jimmy, I work out a lot, so my butt is as high as it’s gonna get. Any tips on how to make it bigger without also bulking up? my thighs?

  • sikwitit345  says:

    how often a? week do you recommend that exercise? daily?

  • jimmysmithtraining  says:

    Not at all.?

  • choochawchew  says:

    keep on? keepin on!!!!!!

  • conniescandy  says:

    Great training vid?

  • 1sheytan  says:

    shit? man!!

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