The Tyra Banks Show – Black Market Plastic Surgery (Part 2 of 4)

© 2009 These guests went entirely the way to the black market, & are still paying the price. Meet a guest whose impatience for breast implants ended in dire results. Also, a lady who wanted to permanently alter her eye color, & may now face vision issues for the rest of her life. Several other guests share their stories of pain, embarrassment, job loss & more, entirely in the name of beauty.

19 thoughts on “The Tyra Banks Show – Black Market Plastic Surgery (Part 2 of 4)”

  1. oh honey… didn’t need butt implants. your boyfriend needed a brain transplant. if a guy ever suggests plastic surgery to you, you? don’t listen to him. you get rid of him.

  2. People should seriously stop hating. This woman made a mistake, we’re humans…WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES! She should be praised for coming onto the show to share her story and she’s providing a function of WARNING so many other people who are considering doing this? to think twice. Full applause to you Shaqia, and I hope things work out for you, your story will hopefully stop so many other people from doing the same thing.

    We learn not just from our own mistakes, but from others.

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