Nicki Minaj Booty

the title says it all but all we want to know is if Nicki Minaj has a real ass
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The Booty Short Shorts Pt.2 Party On June 6th @ The Hop by The Fitted Boyz. Video courtesy of
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19 comments to Nicki Minaj Booty

  • blokboi2525  says:

    Dat was a old lady oh? shhht..

  • msowell2006  says:

    go white? guy!

  • the1andonlyvediri  says:

    too much? guy in the video

  • iloveauggie14  says:

    they dont av the? proper music

  • Mrcrossover27  says:

    dnt read this(cuz it really wrks). u will gt kissd on the? nearest frieday by the love of ur life. 2mara wll b the bst day of ur life hwever if you dnt post ths comment 2? at least 3 vids u will die withn 2 days 11 months ago

  • HereLook01  says:

    @5:35 her arm fat? shaking more then her ass lol

  • Tupa911  says:

    -dayyumm seems like true funn!! wish i could b? there

  • leslie7756  says:

    @youtuubee100 twerking is tireing & you sweat alot so why look your best when? you konw when you leave the cllub your gonna look a mess !

  • lklasljflasjlkallanm  says:

    En Sexsi? En Erotic? Videolar
    Or Over Hundred adult_mov.ies Come ?n? :)­0f21cd

  • IWantINeedIGet  says:

    nigga @ 2:04 iss fiine ass fuckk! but to be honest? most the niggas in there are hoott!

  • zuluman3000  says:

    wats the? song at 5:37

  • Nell196  says:

    -ewww ; she can’t even dancee!? everythinq was qiqqLinn ! lmao wow reaaL weak

  • daISLAND4LIFE  says:

    0:53 i wish? i was him

  • platinumdime18  says:

    aww i miss the pep on? da sneak..shit used to jump…too bad niggas dont know how 2 act, another club SHUT DOWN

  • driana291  says:

    this how we dance in NC! We be jammin? like this too

  • Manone12  says:

    whats? that dj’s name

  • Nell196  says:

    5:50. That’s? my best friend!! In the black shirt, and ponytail

  • gooniie176  says:

    i would? have been in that party live ass hell

  • fax99  says:

    its called You by? Plies ft. Tank; that b da songg

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