K.michelle Backstage clowning

default K.michelle Backstage clowning

She received Donk! Just having fun!
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31 thoughts on “K.michelle Backstage clowning”

  1. nawwwww THATS HER ASSSSSSS THOOOO LOOK AT THEM THIGHS BRUH, she from the south where they eat good, she still got them thighs and that ass? dont it look like she had the potential to have a big ass? booty in this vid? look at er. THAT ASS = REAL

  2. obviously K Michelle has gained weight and your butt can get bigger when you gain weight dumb? asses it happens all the time. And you do not have to have big thighs to have a big butt.

  3. Perfect black woman? There is no perfect woman, but? Jurnee smollett might be one of the finest black woman on the planet. Check her out and see if you can then come up with any flaws.

  4. This video is before she got thick and gained a few pounds… Currently she’s thicker now which mean she obviously got? a bigger ass so she didn’t get no injection playa!

  5. She’s the best chick on that? damn show. Smart and tough as a motherfucker. That bitch karly is horrible. Deport her ass(after she finishes blowing Roscoe, scaff beezi @nd every other nigga with a watch)

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