How to get a Bigger Butt using Fish Oil and Vitamin E pills

Hello Fam!!! I’ve done my research about enhancing your back side naturally using Fish Oil and Vitamin E pills. So apparently you can mix 2 fish oil pills with one vitamin E on each cheek for 15 mins daily to enhance your butt size!! Also, some people take one fish oil and vitamin E pill with 8 oz of water a day. (I’m not but I wanted to put that out there) I got my pills from Walmart: The fish Oil (200 Softgel) twin pack for .00 and Vitamin E (60 softgels) for .00 Feel free to leave all comments below or email me
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  • mybeautypretty  says:

    I can’t wait to see your results!! So happy I found your channel. I’m currently taking fish oil pills but I didn’t know? they might grow my booty. I’m on the mist of working out. Did pancake booty gotta go! I am going to dry this method!

  • kalia1divayla1  says:

    Hey Kalia is my daughters name lol I’m Kayla. Thank you for your help I started the fish oil and vitamin E regiment yesterday and I’ll also keep you posted I also heard if u drink a lot of milk and foods high in starch? that it also helps plumpen ur behind. I’m going to check out that info thanks again girly. Oh and thank you for your wishes :-).

  • Skinnygirldreamz  says:

    YouTube won’t let me post the direst link but? it’s on American pregnancy . Org under omega3 fish oil

  • Skinnygirldreamz  says:

    Hey Kalia Boo!! Congrats!! So I did a little research and it seems safe to take it during your pregnancy..Ive heard about the? meca but I haven’t tired it bc it’s in pill form…I’m scared of pills!! I would say try the fish oil and vitamin E then when you have the baby check out the maca!!! I hope I helped you!!! Feel free to ask me anything…ill respond immediately if you send me an email!!! Also, here’s some info about taking these pills while pregnant

  • kalia1divayla1  says:

    Hey I’m very motivated by your video. I am a very lean 22 year old women I can eat and? eat but not gain nothing I’ve even gone back to my skinny body weeks after giving birth. I have been trying to gain weight in my hips, ass, and thighs. I’m pregnant right now with my 3rd child and want to try this do you think it’ll be safe? Oh and have you heard this pill called maca that ppl are taking for bigger butt and boobs? I’m also smallish in the chest lol. Please write/post back.

  • Skinnygirldreamz  says:

    Tatibebossin? I do it once a day boo

  • Skinnygirldreamz  says:

    @Shontellia yes girl I’m trying to get it right for the summer….I will keep you? posted!!!

  • tatibebossin  says:

    How many times a day? you do this?

  • Skinnygirldreamz  says:

    shontellia I will keep u posted!!!!? Today’s my 3rd day so we’ll see what happens!!!!

  • Skinnygirldreamz  says:

    shin tells?

  • Shontellia Goode  says:

    let me know what happens cause i said i was going to start this week cause im like u i want there by? summer time

  • Skinnygirldreamz  says:

    Oh wow that great hunny!!! That’s a quick turn around I use it tonight for the first time…I’m excited to see what happens!! I will be keeping you posted and? pls let me know how it’s working for you as well..also are you taking the pills orally too??!

  • clovely22  says:


  • Skinnygirldreamz  says:

    Rikki congrats hunny!!! I will keep you updated…I hope this works bc hunny? my butt needs a lot of work!!! Thx for watching by the way 😉

  • Rikki Lawson  says:

    After my lil one is here I’m going to take the pills. Maybe not bast my booty in them lol but I need a bigger booty. I have? a tiny booty :

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