How Much Aquamid to Augment the Buttocks?

Glenn Vallecillos How Much Aquamid to Augment the Buttocks?

Glenn Vallecillos, MD


Q. I’m 22 & looking to have aquamid injected in my butt by a doctor in London who is the only dr that performs this in Europe. I’m actually really impatient to do this.

As I am a little girl in size & have not flat yet a little bottom, how much aquamid will I need to use? & how will I know if I will be alergic to this subtance & what causes infections that many have said is inevitable. May I moreover ask that if aquamid is not approved in England why & how the Dr is capable to practice this openly?

A. By Glenn Vallecillos, MD – Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Thanks for the question.

The amount of Aquamid you would require for a noticeable buttock augmentation would be financially prohibitive. You’d be much better off with a fat exchange or alternatively, a buttock implant. ¬†Polyacrylamide is a fairly inert substance so the likelihood of an allergic reaction would approach negligible. I personally would not recommend undergoing such a treatment & I would suggest you confer with several surgeons in your region for alternative opinions.

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Glenn Vallecillos, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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