Facts about Getting A Bigger Butt #TeamJuicyBooty


this is me addressing crazytyphoon69 and other haters that comment on my videos! Everything im telling you is proven fact!!! www.facebook.com

12 comments to Facts about Getting A Bigger Butt #TeamJuicyBooty

  • vmunoz348  says:

    I? love you Queen. I love a woman that knows her stuff. You cleared it up for those haters.

  • NormanBlandford  says:

    This still surprise me, just? how many people do not know about Buttzonix Secrets (google it), although many people get great result because of this butt enhancement methods. Thanks to my buddy who told me about Buttzonix Secrets, I have increase my butt size without surgery

  • QueenB28348  says:

    and I? did insanity and it made my butt smaller

  • Classyalissa01  says:

    I did insanity and my butt? got big and toned nice and round I’m loving it!

  • reggaetonloverbaby  says:

    in a few months my booty has gotten bigger I use to wear a size 7 in jeans now I wearna size 10 in jeans I love the results I? got my booty back :-)

  • Jasmine NonUrBuisness  says:

    Umm can you name some stuff that has starch in it? I? want my butt bigger but it hard cuz I white lol Buhh I I have an ass for a white girll ppl say and it’s jiggly and squishy like it should be but I want it bigger ! Also can you name stuff to eat that makes your but bigger besides potatoes that you sai in your other video ? :)

  • QueenB28348  says:

    awww? thanks hun

  • QueenB28348  says:

    no prob?

  • 7drakkar1  says:

    I’m a Personal Trainer, and from what I can see through those Pj’s appears to be a nice Booty. However, Your point would be much better made by? showing your viewers an example. In other words: Got any Booty Shorts?, or Something that You can wear in your next video that’ll show us what you’re Talking about? Just Askin.


    Love ur ass! No homo but im working to get a phatt booty too. I have a lil summthin back there but its not bigg enough but it is soft and jiggly. I’m hoping? to get results like urs

  • zclacap  says:

    I like ur? video thankx a lot it works

  • sp98065  says:

    You are so right b/c be for i even came to your video i used to? eat potatoes a while back & it work’s :) soo i’m not with the hater’s i’m with Queen b love it boo 😉

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