23 comments to E! Nicki Minaj Talks Butt Implants on Chelsey Lately

  • mradnan1112  says:

    Thanks mate i love this song?

  • jazmine davis  says:


  • leafs1995  says:

    2nd time…?

  • david231398  says:

    I knew this was a rickroll? i just wanted to listen to the song.

  • bebb8402  says:


  • FaTeWARLORD  says:

    Fuck I got? rick rolled

  • endofholiday  says:

    dammn this has happened to me way too many times….thats not a good? sign!! lol

  • vlgordon1  says:

    second time i fell for? this shit! ughhhhhhh

  • Taylor Gang  says:

    how could you?

  • meghan0095  says:

    lol nooooo omgg? this is the first time in so long that i’ve been rick’ rolled!! haha fuck you man, your lucky i like this song ;)

  • heidi bloom  says:

    omg? phahahah:L

  • xXSkAtTyRaTXx  says:

    I gurantee you went on the Nicki Minaj? butt implants interview before this, got rick and rolled, then went onto this one ! Exactly what happened to me !

  • Skyan Augustus  says:

    This joke? is really starting to annoy me.

  • AlexanderDeeMusic  says:

    this is what i? was looking for

  • hcoprdice  says:

    I dont know who invented getting “Rick Rolled”, but I? think its so freakin funny. Every time I get tricked, I just have to laugh.

  • TalkAboutMoviez  says:

    If I see another video like this, imma snap!?

  • jstixx  says:

    So Annoying….but i laugh? every time Rick kicks in…..Annoyed but in a good way…lol

  • GetGnasthy  says:

    Lol i knew it? was a rick roll before it played does that count?? the name of the song is under the video

  • HelloMyNameIsBob977  says:

    Twice in an? hour. #firstworldproblems

  • ItsMe1D  says:

    AGAIN!!!? -_-

  • brandon lopez  says:

    fuckin? lier

  • chicorico78  says:

    funny at first? – but stop – seriously

  • jpadamada  says:

    argh..? -_-

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